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What is Instagram Profile Picture Downloader?

Instagram profile picture downloader is the service Saveinsta websites offers you to view and download Instagram profile pictures online with full size, you can view Instagram profile pic at full size and save it to your phone with high-quality HD.

Instagram DP Viewer

If you want to enlarge IG profile pictures and view them, you can do that just by typing the username or by copying the link of the profile and pasting it on the box above to zoom profile picture big in full size.

Private Instagram Profile Viewer

You can view any DP profile picture anonymously even if the account is private, on our website the Instagram profile pic viewer allows you to view and download Instagram profile pictures HD in full size even if the account is private. To do that type the username on the box above or paste the URL of the profile, and you don’t need to follow the private account you want to save their DP.

Download Instagram Profile Pic of Private Account

You can download Instagram profile pic of private account without following the account, the IG profile pic downloader allows you to download any profile pic in big size 1080p, you just need to type the username of the account and the profile pic will appear and you can download it.

Download Instagram Profile Picture Online

  • Step 1: Go to the account/profile you want to download profile picture on Instagram and click on the three dots at the top of the screen to copy profile picture url, and click on “Copy Profile URL”.
download instagram profile picture full size online
copy profile url
  • Step 2: Paste the link of the profile on the box above, and click on “View”.
instagram profile pic viewer
Paste the Instagram profile link
  • Step 3: the profile picture DP will appear with full size, click on the download button to save it.
instagram profile picture downloader
Save Instagram profile picture online
  • Step 4: The profile pic will be saved to your gallery if you are using Android, and to Safari downloads if you are using iPhone, to save the profile picture to your camera roll on iPhone from the sharing option click on save to phone, and it will be saved to the camera roll.

Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture on Computer

You can zoom and download IG profile pictures on your computer or Mac, all you have to do is copy the link of the profile, and paste it on the website, then save the Instagram profile picture to your computer with full size, you will find the profile picture on the downloads folder.

download instagram profile picture full resolution on pc
download profile pic

How can I copy Instagram Bio?

You can copy Instagram bio by entering the username of the profile you want to copy the bio from, and it will show you their profile picture and bio, Copy and paste it anywhere you want.

FAQ about Profile Downloader & DP Viewer

Can I view IG profile pictures with full size?

Yes, this is Instagram profile picture viewer, you can view profile pictures with full size.

Is the resolution high when you download Instagram profile pic?

You can download IG profile pic with full resolution hd.

Is IG profile picture downloader free?

Yes, it is free and doesn’t require any subscription.

How do you find the URL of Insta profile picture?

Go to the profile you want to view or download their DP, on the top you will find three dot click on them and choose “Copy Profile URL”.

Can someone know if you copy their profile URL on Instagram?

No, you can copy the profile and view DP anonymously on our website, and the other person won’t know that you viewed or saved their IG profile picture.

How can I view someone’s private Instagram profile picture?

Yes you can, and you don’t have to follow that account in order to view their profile picture in full size.