Instagram Story Viewer


What is Instagram Story Viewer Online?

Instagram story viewer is a service our website Instagram Downloader (Saveinsta) offers the users to view Instagram stories anonymously without seen, where you can watch Instagram story or see Instagram highlights without account and without logging in to Instagram. This Instagram story viewer tool works allows you to view Instagram story and highlight privately like incognito mode.

How to View Instagram Story Anonymously?

  • Step 1: to view instagram story anonymously you need the username of the profile you want to view it, or you can copy the URL of the profile from Instagram.
instagram story viewer online
  • Step 2: Write the username in the box, or paste the url link into the box, then click on “View”.
view instagram stories anonymously
  • Step 3: Now the stories of the profile will show up, and you can view them without logging in, you can also download them if you want by clicking on the download button under each story.
watch instagram story without them knowing
  • Step 4: To view instagram highlights without seen, click on the highlight icon, and it will display all the highlights of this account.
view instagram story highlights
watch instagram story without logging in

View Instagram Stories Privately

You can watch Instagram stories and highlights without account by following these steps:

  1. Write the username you want to view their stories in the box.
  2. All Stories and Highlights will appear.
  3. You can view instagram stories in the past 24 hour for this account.
  4. To view instagram highlights, click on the highlight icon above, and all the highlights will appear.

Instagram Highlight Viewer

If you want to view Instagram story highlight, you can do that using the Instagram Highlights viewer, where all you have to do is write the username in the box above and then all the highlights will appear, click on any highlight to reveal all the Instagram story highlights in it, and then you can view Instagram highlights without seen or logging in.

instagram highlight viewer


Can I view Instagram stories without logging in?

Yes, you can view Instagram stories without logging in to Instagram and without any account.

Can I view Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes, all the Instagram stories you will view will be viewed anonymously, which means you can view Instagram stories without them knowing.

Is Instagram story viewer legal?

Yes, the Instagram story viewer is 100% legal, since the content we view is already public on Instagram.